Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, you probably already know how complicated Washington’s Landlord-Tenant laws have become. For example, did you know that Tenants may be entitled to up to 4 different notices prior to an eviction? (Each notice is required to be prepared and given to the Tenant in a different manner). It is easy to get lost in the maze of law, paperwork, legal jargon and court hearings. An experienced lawyer can provide the answers and assistance you need. The attorneys at LOMBINO • MARTINO have substantial experience in advising and representing Landlords and Tenants in every facet of the Landlord and Tenant contractual relationship to include advising Landlords and Tenants as to their particular rights and obligations under the law through the eviction process.

In Washington State, we call evictions Unlawful Detainers. This is the process that is used when the Landlord believes the Tenant is wrongfully (or unlawfully) remaining in a rented or leased property. While the Landlord may be fully justified in pursuing an Unlawful Detainer action, it is also true that the Tenant may have some very important rights and defenses available to him or her. Our attorneys at LOMBINO • MARTINO assist Landlords and Tenants every day in navigating the difficult journey through the Unlawful Detainer process.  Our attorneys and staff provide representation and assistance in a variety of ways. For those people who prefer to “go it alone” without an attorney, we explain the various documents that are necessary and advise as to the steps and procedures that are required under the law. For those people who want an attorney to represent them, we zealously advocate on your behalf every step of the way.

Each issue involving a Landlord or Tenant is unique. Our attorneys and staff at LOMBINO • MARTINO will take the time to ensure that your specific, individual needs are met. Give us a call if we can help.