LOMBINO · MARTINO was created to provide specialized legal support and guidance to individuals and businesses throughout  Washington State and Alaska. Propelled by a highly skilled and diverse group of lawyers, our law firm is dedicated to resolving conflict and arriving at sensible solutions to legal disputes. Having practiced law in the traditional manner for many years, the founders of the firm, Joseph J.M. Lombino and Randall S. Martino, believed there was a superior, more cost effective way to better serve the legal needs of the community. The cornerstones of this method of practice are first-rate “customer service” coupled with expert legal assistance at the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.

Established in 2005, we have seen our ranks increase in size to 21 attorneys strong as we continue to grow to meet the needs of our expanding clientele. Perhaps the greatest testament to our method of legal practice is the number of individuals and businesses that have come to depend on us for legal support and guidance.  We are privileged to provide access to approximately 35,000 individuals and businesses in Washington State and Alaska who call upon us whenever they require legal assistance and guidance.

It is our goal and our mission to continue to redefine the practice of law and, in doing so, continue to successfully serve the legal needs of individuals and businesses throughout Washington State and Alaska.