You might be interested in knowing how to file for various benefits including retirement, disability income (SSDI), or supplemental security income (SSI) for yourself, your spouse, your survivors, or your children.

Do I need an attorney? The local Social Security offices are staffed with people who want to assist you in filing for and receiving any benefits to which you are entitled. Most application processes can be accomplished online, on your own, or with the assistance from the staff at your local Social Security offices. The attorneys at LOMBINO ∙ MARTINO can explain the application process, what types of information you might need to gather for the application and what to expect after the application has been submitted. We can make the process easier and much more understandable for you.

Perhaps you have already applied for a benefit and have been declined. This is the point where you may consider hiring an attorney to advocate on your behalf. The good news is that you will not have to pay an attorney an hourly rate. The attorney will be paid on a “contingency basis” which is regulated by statute. Our attorneys at LOMBINO ∙ MARTINO can provide you whatever assistance you need to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.