Being issued a traffic ticket can affect your insurance rates, affect your traffic record and, in some cases, affect your driving privileges. At LOMBINO ∙ MARTINO, our attorneys and staff assist people every day in resolving traffic disputes.

For answers to commonly asked questions regarding traffic violations, “click” on the statements below:

I Have a Ticket Issued by a Police Officer

*Make a copy of your ticket (front and back).

*You have 3 options:

  1. Pay the ticket.
  2. Mitigate the ticket (admitting guilt but trying to reduce the fine; THIS WILL APPEAR ON YOUR DRIVING RECORD).
  3. Contest the ticket.

*Respond to your traffic ticket with in 15 days.

-We recommend responding as soon as possible.

• The court must receive the ticket with in that time frame so allow a day or two for mailing.

• FAILURE to respond with in the 15 days could result in the suspension of your driving privileges. (suspended license)

*With your ticket in hand, contact your Washington State LegalShield provider firm for further instruction. The sooner you contact us the better we can assist you. 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221

Getting Pulled Over by a Police Officer
  1. As quickly and safely as you can, pull to the right hand side of the road.

  2. All persons in vehicle should stay buckled up and inside your vehicle.

  3. Provide the officer with all requested documentation required of drivers in Washington State.
    • Valid Drivers License
    • Current Proof of Insurance
    • Current registration

  4. Be respectful and courteous to the officer.

  5. Keep your encounter as brief as possible.
    • It is not beneficial to mention an attorney at this time.

  6. If you have questions or concerns regarding your stop contact your LegalShield Provider Firm after the stop is concluded, with your ticket in hand. 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221.

I Have Questions and I Need Answers
  1. Most tickets are now electronic.

  2. You are not required to sign your ticket. 

  3. Sometimes tickets can be mailed to you and are not always given to you at the time of the stop. Be sure that the address on your drivers license is current.

  4. You can be ticketed for texting and driving.

  5. You can be ticketed for talking on your cell phone with out a hands free device and driving .

  6. Cruise control only controls your vehicles RPM’s and not your speed.

  7. There are moving and non-moving violations. Moving violations adversely affect your insurance rates.

  8. You MUST respond to the citation within 15 days of the day it is issued.

    • Day 1 is the day it is handed to you.

    • This means the infraction must be post marked or dropped off at the court within the 15 days – with one of the three (3) options marked on the back of the ticket, and must include your signature.

      • If you request a hearing you do not need to include a payment.
I Have a Ticket and an Accident was Involved
  1. Who was involved in the accident?

    • First and last names of ALL parties involved (passengers included) will be required so the attorney can assist you.

    • First and last names of the registered owner of the vehicles.

    • Names of insurance companies involved.

  2. What happened?

    • Take pictures.

    • Take a moment to write up a brief summery of the events while they are fresh in your mind.

    • Keep copies of any exchange of information.

  3. As soon as it is safe, call your Washington State LegalShield provider firm with all of your documents in hand. 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221


I Have a Photo Ticket
  1. Make a copy of your photo ticket.

  2. Take a moment to review the video online using the instructions provided on your ticket.

  3. Be sure you respond to your ticket with in the allotted time frame noted on your ticket.

  4. Call your Washington State LegalShield Provider with your ticket in hand. 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221

I Have a Parking Ticket
  1. Make a copy of your ticket.

  2. Call your LegalShield provider to set up a file. 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221

  3. Send a copy of your citation with the file number on it to your LegalShield provider.

  4. Follow attorney advice, including responding to your ticket in the allotted time noted on your ticket.

I Have a Toll Bridge Ticket
  1. Make a copy of your citation.

  2. Call your LegalShield Provider Firm and set up a file. 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221

  3. If you are not transferred to an attorney immediately you will get a call back on your legal issue with in 4-6 business hours (on the same business day).

My LegalShield Traffic Benefits
  1. You should always contact your LegalShield Provider Firm and set up a file so your Traffic Department can go over benefits with you.

    • You MUST have;

      • i. A valid drivers license

      • ii. Current vehicle registration

      • iii. Vehicle insurance.

        • 1. if you were cited for no insurance but have proof that you were covered at the time the ticket was issued please notify your LegalShiled Provider Firm immediately.

The climate is changing in Washington State; not all tickets & courts are the same as the next. Your LegalShield Traffic Department wants to work with you to keep your tickets off of your driving record so call your Provider with your ticket in hand at 253-896-5252 Or 1-800-553-8221.