The Industrial Insurance Act of Washington is a complex statute that provides benefits for workers who suffer an injury or develop an occupational disease in the course of employment. What this means is that if you are injured on the job, in most cases, the benefits you receive will be governed by this statute. Typical benefits available under a worker’s compensation claim include:

  • medical coverage, including surgery, therapy, medicine, and rehabilitation services
  • replacement of lost wages, in the form of time loss or loss of earning power compensation
  • vocational rehabilitation services
  • an award for permanent partial impairment if the worker regains the ability to work for a living, or a pension if the worker is unable to return to work

The attorneys at LOMBINO ∙ MARTINO can help you plot a course and help you through this process to get you the benefits you deserve. We can explain all of your rights and options, the difference between claims handled directly by the Department of Labor and Industries or claims handled by a third party hired by your self-insured employer; the difference between injury claims and injuries that come about as a result of occupational disease; the options that are available to you as to your choice of medical providers. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to offer an opinion whether the Department of Labor and Industries is handling your claim correctly and what can be done if your claim is not being handled correctly.

If you’re considering hiring an attorney to represent you in an Appeal to the Board of Industrial Appeals, you do not have to pay the attorney a fee based on an hourly rate. The attorney will be paid on a contingency fee basis that is regulated by statute.

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